Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Big Switcheroo

Imagine my surprise when I'm told by Pants that our Sigg bottles have a interior coating which leeches awesome cancer causing chemicals into whatever liquid we put in them.  Hmmm, that's the whole reason behind why we switched from Nalgene bottles to the substantially more expensive Sigg Bottles, in the first place.  So I checked online and found that Sigg was doing a voluntary recall and would replace their bottles with the old coating for new bottles with their new 'eco' coating.  You just have to pay for shipping. Sounds like a pain in the 'a' for me.
Luckily, it turns out, our local New Seasons Market does a free exchange.  Radiclese.  So, Franks and I load up our four bottles and head off to the store.  As I'm doing my exchange, the lady at the counter tells me that Sigg hasn't been able to provide documentation that this new 'eco' coating is any safer than the old coating.  Which is frustrating, and a little scary, since two of the bottles are for my two small children.  So, we switched to the Klean Kanteen.  Stainless steel, 100% non-leaching.  My friend Natalie has been singing their praises for years, but since we had already invested in the Sigg bottles it was too cost prohibitive.  Who really wants to spend 80 dollars on water bottles?  Not me.  So this whole situation was for the best, aside from drinking dangerous chemicals.