Friday, July 16, 2010


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Really? It's summer time already? Sheesh. Although, here in the Pacific NorthWest, it has done nothing but rain since April. A wet, cold, gray spring for us. Which means my garden is ridiculously lush and overgrown. The sugar snap peas love it. I could pick them everyday and still have to give some away. The tomatoes, cucumbers and squash do not like it, however. They are petulantly sitting in the spaces that I popped them mid-April, refusing to grow. Jerks. Due to the weather, I have not had time to garden. Oh, I've done a few things, like plant a wildflower garden out by the girls playhouse, weed, prune the Camillas, pull out a ton of oregano. It was choking out my actual flowers. That stuff is pretty set on world domination, followed closely by Lemon Balm. Things that have done well are my geraniums. Theses aren't the potted type people buy ever year for their patios. These are the 'wild' type. Very beautiful.

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